Sulphur Dioxide Free Dried Foods

Looking For Sulfur Dioxide Free Foods Supplier ? Here We are!

Xinghua Lianfu Food is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Sulfur Dioxide Free Foods.

All our dehydrated vegetables, fruits and spices are natural.

Our products are guaranteed to never contain unnatural sulfites.

What is Sulfur Dioxide?

Sulphur dioxide is widely used in the food and drinks industries for its properties as a preservative and antioxidant.

Sulphur dioxide can act as a preservative in a variety of foods and beverages such as dried fruits and vegetables, pickled vegetables, fruit juices and grape wines.

It inhibits growth of microbes such as yeasts, bacteria and molds by crossing the cell walls of microbes and disrupting the normal functioning of microbes.

Sulphur dioxide can inhibit spoilage caused by microbes and extend the shelf life of food products.

Other than its antimicrobial properties, sulphur dioxide is also an antioxidant that prevents browning associated with oxidation in foods, particularly dried fruits and vegetables.

This helps maintain the appearance and colour of the products. Without sulphur dioxide, light-coloured fruits such as dried apricots can darken quickly upon exposure to air.

Is Sulfur Dioxide Dangerous?

The name sulfur dioxide doesn’t exactly sound appetizing, but is it safe to consumer?
If you have asthma or a sulfite allergy, it’s definitely not good for you. A study found that it’s safe for most people, but it can induce asthma in those that are sensitive to it.

Sulfur dioxide might not sound good enough to eat, but this food preservative does make its way into a number of edibles, including dried fruits such as raisins, dried apples and prunes.
Even a small amount of sulfite can affect health if you’re sensitive to it.

If you have asthma, sulfite sensitivity or sulfite allergy, eating dried fruits might cause serious health problems, including breathing problems, life-threatening allergy-like symptoms or, in rare cases, death.

How to Avoid Sulfur Dioxide?

If you are looking for superior food product and use top quality fruit ingredients that are guaranteed to be produced, packed without the use of SO2, then you need to look for the True No SO2™ label. Look for labels that say “no added sulfites.” If you’re unsure whether a product contains sulfites, call the company to confirm..

It is suggested to ask your supplier the tough questions. One example might be what is their production process? If you ask then you are never in the dark.

The only way to ensure you have ingredients without sulfites is to research where they are sourced and what processes and certifications that supplier adhere to.

You can feel confident of our products. All our  ingredients( vegetables and fruits ) are Sulfur Dioxide Free Foods.

Dried Apple Color Comparison Left with Sulphur Dioxide - Right without Sulphur Dioxide
Dried apple Sulphur Dioxide
Dried apple without Sulphur Dioxide
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