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Steam Sterilization Of Spices And Dehydrated Ingredients

we will have our own steam sterilization center in this month.

steam sterilization


In the food industry, food safety will always be a top priority. As technology has changed over the years, certain processes of ensuring that the foods we produce are safe. Steam sterilization, though, has been around for a long time, it remains an industry leader for reducing the microbial count of spices and dehydrated vegetables and powders

Flavor and aroma remain untouched

Steam sterilization is a technological process involving the destruction of microorganisms with the concurrent preservation of organoleptic properties of raw materials.

No chemicals and irradiation

Steam sterilization is an all-natural, environmentally-friendly process that maintains the key properties of the ingredient while avoiding the potential side effects of other chemical-based processes. 

Steam sterilization under pressure is an optimal method as it is effective and natural. The process has become a standard treatment of herbs, spices and dehydrated vegetables in worldwide.

  Short time of exposure to temperature

The sterilizing factor is superheated steam in overpressure, with a temperature from 120 to 400˚C. Steam sterilization achieves a full effect if steam affects the commodity undergoing sterilization over a strictly set time, from 6 to 60 seconds.

 After the sterilization process product has a more intensive colour and looks more attractive than before (the effect of washing by steam), depending on the requirements of the customer, we can regulate the moisture content of the product, and even a significant reduction is possible.

A system of sieves matched individually depending on a sort process and a degree of the impurity of raw material is aimed at the separation of foreign bodies (also sand, stems and the like). Owing to magnets and metal detectors, we successfully eliminate ferrous contaminants.

You can have the confidence of knowing that if you need a confirmed pathogen kill step, or a clean micro-treatment process to meet a low microbiological specification, Lianfu has the experience, expertise, and technology to make it happen.

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