purple sweet potato powder

Purple sweet potato powder

Purple sweet potato powder, also known as Ube powder, is popular in smoothies, baked goods, yogurt, ice cream and more. It is Gluten Free | Non-GMO | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar.

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1. What is purple sweet potato powder?

The flesh of purple sweet potato powder is purple to deep purple. In addition to the nutrients of ordinary sweet potatoes, it is also rich in selenium and anthocyanins. Purple sweet potato is very popular in the international and domestic markets, and its development prospects are very broad.

Purple sweet potato powder has a mildly earthy and nutty flavor that’s perfect for bread, cupcakes, and pasta. Bring on the magnificent purple color and add some creative coloring to your next dish!

 Purple Sweet potato powder, also called purple yam, can be used as a source of low to medium glycemic carbohydrate, which means that its absorption by the intestine is made gradually, keeping the energy of the body for more time, without causing an increase in fat production, or peaks of glycemia. Like sweet potatoes, flour enriches food by facilitating and stimulating the gain of muscle mass. Sweet meal flour can be added into recipes like pancakes, vitamins, breads and cakes.

 2. Purple Sweet Potato Powder Benefits:

Purple Sweet Potato Powder are rich in fiber, source of iron, vitamins A, C and E and potassium, possessing five times more calcium, twice as much fiber and more potassium than potato.

1. Highly nutritious

All potatoes, including purple potatoes, are quite nutritious and provide a range of nutrients in both their skin and flesh. They’re especially rich in minerals and boast more potassium than a banana.

2. Better for blood sugar

Eating organic purple sweet potato powder instead of white potatoes is a good move when watching your blood sugar. While the starch in purple potatoes increases blood sugar, it does so to less of an extent than the starch in yellow or white varieties.

3. Packed with antioxidants

Eating organic purple sweet potato powder can boost your antioxidant intake and reduce inflammation. They’re especially rich in anthocyanins, which are antioxidant compounds linked to improved eye and heart health, as well as a lower risk of chronic disease.

4. May improve your blood pressure

Purple Sweet Potato Powder have been found to improve blood pressure. This effect might be related to their polyphenolic antioxidant compounds, which work in a way similar to that of some blood-pressure-lowering medications.

5. May reduce your risk of cancer

Some of the compounds in purple potatoes may slow the growth of — or even kill — certain cancer cells. The current research is limited to lab studies, so it’s unknown whether adding purple potatoes to your diet affects cancer risk.

6. Can help fill your fiber gap

Adding organic sweet potato powder to your diet can help increase your fiber intake and add some gut-healthy resistant starch to your diet. To reap the greatest fiber benefits, eat them with the skin on and cook them ahead of time, eating them chilled, such as in a salad.

7. Brighten up your plate

Boil, mash, or roast organic purple sweet potato powder just like you would any other light-fleshed variety. They don’t take any additional time to cook and add interest and a bright pop of color to your meals.

3. Suggested use: 

Baby food– Add 1 tablespoon to about 100ml of water simmered (not boiling) in a saucepan, and stirring continuously until it forms a purple paste. Use as a base for adding other food ingredients to make a complete soft food meal.

Baked goods –This powder is suitable for use in cakes, cookies, donuts, kueh (e.g. huat kueh, nyonya kueh), pancakes, puddings, waffles for a healthy low GI version.

Low GI bread – Replace a small portion (5-10%) of the bread flour or whole wheat flour with purple sweet potato powder. Do experiment with the amount, as the more you replace, the lesser the gluten for the bread to rise/proof, as this flour is gluten-free.

Purple sweet potato ice cream – Skip the peeling, chopping and blending/mashing process in these vegan recipes (from Dora’s Table and Wallflower kitchen) by using this purple sweet potato flour!

Purple sweet potato pie – Again, simplify the peeling, chopping and blending/mashing process in these recipes (vegan purple sweet potato pie and purple sweet potato pie with gingerbread crust) by simply boiling this purple sweet potato flour!

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and dark place away from light. Once opened, keep in airtight container.

Country of origin: China

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