Dried Jalapeno Peppers Dices, Dried Jalapeno Flakes

Our dried jalapeno peppers dices are picked at the peak of freshness  and cut into ¼” dices, so you don’t have to waste time cutting them yourself.

Great for the cheese dip, salsa, mac & cheese, or burgers.

The jalapeno pepper is one of the most widely used peppers with a mild to medium heat and deep green pepper flavor.

Main specification:

Approximately 1/4″ pieces
Yellow-green to green with seeds and stems. ( New crop is fresh green color )
Ranges 8,000 to 20,000 on Scoville Heat Scale.

Packing: 20 kg in poly bag inside paper case, customized packaging acceptable like 40 lbs.

Loading in 1×40′ container is around 16000 kg.

Our dehydrated jalapeno pepper is Halal & Kosher certified.



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Dried jalapeno peppers dices (1/4″ or 6 mm, with yellow seeds )  are green chili pepper dices with a mild to very hot, fruity flavor.

Jalapenos are spicy chili peppers that are part of the hot pepper family.

Most often they are small and green but they can vary in color and spice level.

Jalapenos are commonly used in Mexican cuisine and can offer a kick of heat to any product in development.

Dehydrated jalapeno peppers are available in powder or flakes.

The powder is from dried jalapenos that are ground to a fine powder.

The flakes are similar to green bell pepper flakes but are from the dried jalapeno chile pepper.

They are an excellent source of vitamins A, B, and C, thiamine, iron, riboflavin, and magnesium.

This product has applications in chutneys, salsas, guacamole, soups, stews, sauces, casseroles, tamales, dips, breads, and pastas.

Ingredients: Dried Jalapeno peppers dices

Country of Origin: China

All natural, No ETO, No additives or preservatives. Non-GMO, Gluten Free. Kosher OU.




1. Physical

Color: Green to dark green

Flavor/Aroma: Typical of Jalapeno, hot peppery favlor.

Appearance: Dice, granules      3/8″ , 1/4″ , 8-40 mesh

II. Chemical

Moisture                8% maximum

Foreign Material     None

III. Microbiological

Aerobic Plate Count   100,000/g maximum

Mould and Yeast:        1000/g maximum

Coliform                        500/g maximum

E. Coli:                           < 3 MPN/ g

Salmonella                     None Detected/375g

IV. Packaging, Storage and Shipping

Inner double PE bags and outside carton

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Storage temperature 25 °C, relative humidity 60%

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