China Goji Berries , Dried Wolfberries

What is a goji berry?

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries.

A brightly colored red fruit with a slightly sweet sour flavor.

They’ve been used in Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years.

In fact, they’re said to slow signs of aging, maintain eye health, and strengthen your liver, kidneys, and lungs

They are often made into juice, herbal teas, cooked in soups or eaten fresh as a snack in nuts mix.

Dried goji berries are popular snacks.

Made In China.

The goji berry is grown across China, but it’s Ningxia’s unique geology that has created the most best berries.

China’s love of the goji berry dates back hundreds of years, people have long believed that it has medicinal powers.

The earliest record of this is in the Compendium of Materia Medica, a historical medical text written by the famed herbalist Li Shizhen in the 16th Century.

The Chinese view the goji berry as a both a fruit and a herb.

It packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids and trace minerals to boost liver and kidney function.

“Elders may say that you need to eat goji berries as it is good for the eyes, as it contains carotene.”

NameGoji Berries / Wolfberry
Color Red
Particle < 2 cm
Moisture15% max
Total Plate Account 100,000 cfu/ g
Mold & Yeast10,000 cfu/ g

We source the berries from the direct origin- Ningxia, High-quality suppliers.

Export it to Europe, US and other countries.

Packing: 10-20 kg in poly bag inside case.
Sachet bag ( 10-1000 grams ), customized solution available.

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What are goji berries?

Goji berries are tiny red fruits and are also known as wolfberries.
Their scientific name is Lycium barbarum.
Goji berries are native to Asia and have a sweet and slightly sour flavour.
Northwest of China is the main origin.

These tiny fruits are potent antioxidants and medicines and are colourful and flavourful.
They are available in two forms which are powdered and dried.

Benefits of goji berries

1.Good for your skin and eye
Goji berries are rich in beta carotene, which is a vitamin A precursor that helps to promote healthy skin and strong eyesight.

2.Reduces the risk of heart disease
They can protect the heart by preventing further development and deterioration caused by cardiovascular disease.

3.Anti-ageing properties
Goji berries have recently gained extreme popularity worldwide, thanks to their powerful anti-ageing benefits.

4.Boosts immunity
Their powerful antioxidant properties and polysaccharides help to boost the immune system. This fruit is also a great source of vitamins A and C, both of which are vital in building immunity

5.Prevents high blood sugar

6.Protecting the liver
Goji berries have been used to treat liver disease in traditional Chinese medicine.
Research on animal models indicates goji berries can help with managing liver health and preventing the progression of alcohol-induced fatty liver disease.

How to use goji berries?

1.Eat them straight from the packet

2.Goji berry juice
Goji berries are also available in juice form, made from pure, unrefined goji juice, making it a powerful antioxidant goji berry drink.

3.Drink with water
Add a handful of goji berries to a large glass of hot or cold water or herbal tea.

4.Mix them with nuts / cereal
You can either add them to ready-made nut mixes, they’re great for sprinkling over your morning porridge or breakfast cereal mixes.

5.Spoon them into soups
Goji berries have been added to Chinese cuisine, including soups for thousands of years.

We source the best Goji berries from North West of China: NingXia. 100% natural.
1. No colourant
2. Non GMO
3. Gluten free
4. Sulfur-free
5. No sugar infuse.



1. Physical

Color: Red

Flavor: Type of sweet berries

II. Chemical

Moisture                  15% maximum

III. Microbiological

Aerobic Plate Count   100,000/g maximum

Mould and Yeast:        5000/g maximum

Coliform                        1000/g maximum

IV. Packaging, Storage and Shipping

Inner double PE bags and outside carton

Shelf Life: 24Months

Storage temperature 20 °C, relative humidity 60%

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