Ginger root powder/ Dried ginger powder


Ginger is called zanjabil (Arabic), gan jiang (Mandarin), gingembre (French), ingefer (German), sauth (Hindi), shoga (Japanese), gengibre (Portuguese), imibir (Russian), and jengibre (Spanish).

It may also be referred to ground ginger or ginger powder.

Dry ginger powder is one of the healthiest spices as it is full of nutrients and bioactive compounds that are beneficial for our body and brain.

For centuries, dry ginger powder is used in traditional medicines. In fact, you can find a hint of dry ginger powder in most of the herbal medicines on the market.

The dry ginger powder is extracted from the ginger root, which is air dried and then ground.

The powder has off-white or slightly brownish powder and a strong, pungent flavour and aroma.

Dry ginger powder has a long shelf life of about a year and a half.

Available sizes: Powder 80-100 mesh

Packing: 10 kg in foil bag , 2 bags inside paper case

The powder is Halal & Kosher certified.

Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Health Benefits of Dry Ginger Powder:

• Improves Digestion

• Improves Metabolism

• Cures Morning Sickness in Pregnant Women

• Aids Common Cold

• Lowers Cholesterol

• Promotes Weight Loss

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Dried ginger powder (Ground Ginger Powder) is made from ginger root that has been air dried and ground.

This warming spice has a pungent flavor and is commonly used in baked goods like gingerbread.

Ginger root powder is also an ingredient in the fall favorite pumpkin spice blend.

Ground ginger can be used in savory dishes, too. Try it in marinades, spice rubs, sauces, salad dressings, tagines, and more.

This product is Non-GMO, Gluten-free, No ETO, Kosher and Halal.

Dry ginger powder is fine ground, light yellow, off whitish powder with a a strong flavor and smell.

Our facility is FSSC22000 & BRC certified operation.

Steam sterilization or irradiation can be added for microbiological reduction.



1. Physical

CSS Font Family st

kryword lo Free Vo


Color Bright uniform White or Purple

Flavor/Aroma: Characteristic of Dragon Fruit, free of other smell

Processing Type: Freeze Dited)

II. Chemical


6.0% maximum


6.0% maximum

Foreign Material


iii. Microbiological

Aerobic Plate Count

5,000/g maximum

Mould and Yeast:

100/ maximum


30/g maximum.

E Coll



None Detected/375g


None Detacted

IV. Packaging Storage and Shipping

Shelf Life, 12 Months

Storage temperature $25 C. relative humidity 160%

Inner double PE Dags and outside carton

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