Dehydrated Broccoli Powder, Dried Broccoli Powder


Dehydrated broccoli powders made from fresh broccoli using both stalks and florets.

High in fibre, excellent source of vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.

Broccoli powder is a supergreen full of nutritional value. If you want to avoid eating fresh broccoli with every meal but want the excellent health benefits then broccoli powder is the way to go.

With high amounts of folate and calcium you’ll be boosting the nutrients in your meals more than ever before.

Broccoli powder are used in a wide variety of applications including salad products, sauces, soups and stews, pasta products, chips and snacks. It is also used in pet food and animal feed

Available sizes: Powder 60 mesh / 80 mesh

Packing: 10 kg in foil bag, 2 bags insider paper case.

Storage in a dry & cool place, avoid direct sunshine.

The powder is Kosher & Halal certified. Organic options available.

Scientific name: Brassica oleracea




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Dried broccoli powder made from mature, fresh, premium broccoli is washed, diced and dehydrated. Product is then ground, sifted, sorted and graded.

Dried broccoli powder contains 100% pure dehydrated broccoli without any additives.

Broccoli powder is a convenient source of this nourishing vegetable, offering many of the same health benefits in a more concentrated form.

Our facility is FSSC22000 & BRC certified operation.

Steam sterilization or irradiation can be added for microbiological reduction.

This ingredient category is available as all natural, as well as Non-GMO & Gluten free  verified.



1. Physical

Color: Green

Flavor/Aroma: Typical of broccoli

Appearance: Fine powder

II. Chemical

Moisture                          8% maximum

Foreign Material             None

III. Microbiological

Aerobic Plate Count                       500,000/g maximum

Mould and Yeast:                              5000/g maximum

Coliform                                               5000/g maximum

E. Coli:                                                  < 3 MPN/ g

Salmonella                                         None Detected/375g

IV. Packaging, Storage and Shipping

Inner aluminum bags and outside carton

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Storage temperature 25 °C, relative humidity 60%

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