Dried asparagus powder

What is asparagus powder?

It is made from dehydrated white asparagus both stems and roots by grounding into a fine powder.

The powder is cream white / brown. Blue asparagus powder also available.

The powder is

1. Gluten Free

2. Non GMO

3. Vegan

4. Kosher & Halal certified

5. All natural

NameAsparagus powder
Color Cream white / brown
Mesh Size80-100 mesh
Moisture8% max
Total Plate Account 500,000 cfu/ g
Mold & Yeast5,000 cfu/ g

Dried asparagus powder is an excellent addition to dips, sauces, soups, smoothies.

It also made into juice, capsules, tablets

We are Chinese top manufacturer & supplier of dehydrated vegetables and powders.

Asparagus powder is one of our most popular items.

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What is asparagus powder?

It is a fine cream-coloured powder made by dehydrating and grounding fresh white asparagus from the stems and shoots of the vegetable.

Our asparagus powder is Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% natural with no Silicon Dioxid, Kosher & Halal certified.

Benefits of the powder

1. It has antioxidant properties
2. It has anti-inflammatory properties
3. Immune System Support
4. It may help treat kidney stones
5. It may help maintain blood sugar
6. It may act as a diuretic
7. It may help treat diarrhea
8. It may help relieve cough

How to use the powder?

The powder is the most common form of the herb. You can mix it to your milk, ghee, or honey.

It is also used in the food and beverage industry to prepare a number of food items, such as bread, biscuits, and various milk products.

Where to buy ?

Xinghua Lianfu Food is the top China supplier of vegetables powders.

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1. Physical

Color: Cream white, brown

Flavor: Type of fresh asparagus

II. Chemical

Moisture                  8% maximum

III. Microbiological

Aerobic Plate Count   500,000/g maximum

Mould and Yeast:        5000/g maximum

Coliform                        5000/g maximum

IV. Packaging, Storage and Shipping

Inner aluminum bags and outside carton

Shelf Life: 24Months

Storage temperature 20 °C, relative humidity 60%

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