Dehydrated Leek Powder, Dried Leek Powder


Dried leek powder, 100% finely ground dry leek flake, no additives. With a beautiful, natural green color. Sweeter and less pungent than onion.

Naturally gluten free. Contains carbohydrates, proteins and a little fat, sugar, starch, organic acids and dietary fiber.

Leeks are rich in vitamins C , E , B1 , B2 , PP and carotene and minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, nickel, phosphorus and sodium.

Dried leek powder can be added to a variety of salads, soups, broths, omelettes and sauces or to add bulk and moisture to a dry mix or batter.

The powders are used in a wide variety of applications including seasoning blends, herbs, salad products, sauces, soups, pasta products, chips and snacks, meats and sausages, ready meals.

The powder is Kosher & Halal certified.

Packing: 10 kg in foil bag, 2 bags inside paper case.

White color leek powder available.

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Dried leek powder is just the thing for a recipe that’s craving a sweet onion flavor. Dehydrated leek powder is finely ground (80 mesh) from dried leek flakes, this powder has a pretty, clover-green color which makes it a beautifying addition to your next recipe.

Dehydrated leek powder contains no additives, just 100% pure leeks.

• Medium green, fine powder
• Sweet, onion like flavor
• Made from 100% leeks, no additives
• Naturally gluten free

Our facility is FSSC22000 & BRC certified operation.

Steam sterilization or irradiation can be added for microbiological reduction.

This ingredient category is available as all natural, as well as Non-GMO & Gluten Free verified.

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