Dehydrated Beetroot Dice, Dehydrated Beetroot Flakes


Red beet, also known as beetroot, is a root vegetable that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They are low in calories, can help lower blood pressure, and contain dietary nitrates that have been linked with enhanced athletic performance.

Dehydrates Beetroot dice can be added to a variety of applications, including pasta dough, chips, sauces, soups, ready meals, or baked goods. On its own, red beet powder can be used to add color to various foods in a natural way.

Excellent source of vitamins A and C.
GMO free. Gluten free.
Certified Halal and OU Kosher.

Dehydrated beetroot products

Packing: 20 kg in strong corrugated cartons, inner with double poly bags.

Scientific name: Beta vulgaris



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Dehydrated beetroot dice / dehydrated beetroot flakes are made from fresh beet root through sorted, washed, trimmed, blanched, cut and air-dried.

Then optical sorting, hand selection are conducted, prior to cutting or milling into the desired size.

Dehydrated beet root is available in dehydrated beet root flakes, dehydrated beetroot dice, dehydrated beet root granules, and beetroot powder.

Beet root is a nutritional source of Iron, Vitamin B9 (Folate) and Nitrates.

It is a source of folic acid, as well as vitamin C and potassium. It also contains minerals such as iron and iodine.

Our facility is FSSC22000 & BRC certified operation.

Steam sterilization or irradiation can be added for microbiological reduction.

This ingredient category is available as all natural, Gluten free, as well as Non-GMO verified.

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