Gluten Free Chickpea powder , Chickpea flour


What is chickpea powder?

Chickpea powder is made from dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and is also commonly known as garbanzo flour, gram flour, and besan.

Chickpea flour is a gluten-free flour that is a traditional ingredient in Indian cuisine, but one that is gaining popularity in the West as an alternative to wheat flour.

Benefits of chickpea flour

1. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Chickpea flour is loaded with important nutrients.

2. Lower calories than regular flour

Chickpea flour is a great alternative to wheat flour if you’re trying to reduce your calorie intake.

3. May be more filling than wheat flour
Researchers have theorized for decades that legumes, including chickpeas and lentils, decrease hunger.

4. Affects blood sugar less than wheat flour
Chickpea flour has about half the carbs of white flour and thus may affect blood sugar differently.

5. Packed with fiber
Chickpea flour is packed with fiber, as chickpeas themselves are naturally high in this nutrient.

6. Higher in protein than other flours
Chickpea flour is higher in protein than other flours, including white and whole-wheat flour.

7. Great substitute for wheat flour
Chickpea flour is an excellent substitute for wheat flour.


It has a better nutrient profile than refined flour, as it provides more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein but fewer calories and carbs.

Chickpea flour is full of healthy nutrients. It’s a great alternative to refined wheat flour, as it’s lower in carbs and calories yet richer in protein and fiber.

How to use chickpea powder?

Chickpea powder is popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking and baking.

Use it in dishes like falafel, hummus, socca, farinata, papadums and pakoras.

It is also a wonderful ingredient for gluten free baking.

Try it in crackers, pizza crusts, and breads.

It can also be used to thicken soups, sauces or gravies.


We supply this ingredient to many food companies ( snacks manufacturers)

Size: 80-100 mesh, 200 mesh.

Packing: 10 kg in foil bag, 2 bags inside paper case

NameChickpea powder
Color Pale yellow
Mesh Size100-200 mesh
Moisture12% max
Total Plate Account 500,000 cfu/ g
Mold & Yeast10,000 cfu/ g
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Chickpea flour is a finely meshed, light yellow powder made from grounded chickpeas.

Also known as garbanzo flour, gram flour and besan, chickpea flour is widely used as an ingredient in Middle-Eastern, Asian and European cuisine.

It has a long shelf life due to the low-moisture and low-fat content.

It has a delicious nutty flavour, sweet aroma and light yellow colour.

Chickpea flour is full of healthy nutrients and can be a great alternative to refined wheat flours.

It’s gluten-free and lower in carbs but rich in protein and fiber.

Steam sterilization or irradiation can be added for microbiological reduction.

This ingredient category is available as all natural, as well as Non-GMO & Gluten Free.



1. Physical

Color: Pale yellow

Flavor: Type of chickpea

II. Chemical

Moisture                  12% maximum

III. Microbiological

Aerobic Plate Count   500,000/g maximum

Mould and Yeast:        5000/g maximum

Coliform                        5000/g maximum

IV. Packaging, Storage and Shipping

Inner double PE bags and outside carton

Shelf Life: 24Months

Storage temperature 20 °C, relative humidity 60%

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