Orthodox Union Kosher

Our Kosher Cerificate Renewal, valid until Dec, 2021.

Orthodox Union Kosher, known as OU Kosher or OUK, is a kosher certification agency based in New York.

It was founded in 1923 by Abraham Goldstein. It is the certification agency of about 70% of kosher food worldwide, and is the largest of the “Big Five” major certification agencies, which include OK, Kof-K, Star-K, and CRC.

The World’s Largest Kosher Certification Agency. Certifying Over 1 Million Products Worldwide.

Kosher foods are foods that follow the Jewish dietary laws and are considered fit for consumption by Jews who observe these laws. But people from all walks of life are embracing Kosher foods for various reasons such as uniqueness, dietary and health reasons, food quality, purity and safety.

According to the Orthodox Union (OU) , there are over 13 million American consumers who choose Kosher food, over $150 billion of Kosher certified products are consumed annually and Kosher certification appears on over 60% of America’s manufactured foods.

The processing and handling of all materials and products fall into one of three categories:

● Meat product

● Dairy product

● Neutral product called “pareve,” “parve,” or “parev.”


Our dehydrated vegetables and powders are of  ” Pareve ”


OU symbols

Orthodox Union Kosher uses symbols to identify how a product is certified.

OU: Product is Kosher Pareve which is neither meat or dairy.

OU-D: Product is Kosher dairy. (but not necessarily kosher for Passover).

These products contain a dairy ingredient or a dairy derivative. It also means they could be made on dairy equipment. Dairy products may or may not be Chalav Yisrael.

OU-DE: Product was made on dairy equipment.

OU-Meat or OU-Glatt: Product is Kosher meat, has meat ingredients or is a derivative of meat. Alternatively, OU-Meat signifies that the product—while not containing meat ingredients itself—was made on equipment also used for making meat products.

OU-Fish: Product is kosher with fish ingredients.

OU-P: Product is Kosher for Passover. Passover products don’t contain leavened grain or kitniyot ingredients, and can be used year-around.

The symbol may also signify products made on equipment that has not been Kosher for Passover.



Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

Orthodox Union Kosher

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