market trends for dried vegetables

Market update of dehydrated vegetables in Oct,2020

The market for dehydrated red bell pepper are stable. Prices for dried red bell pepper flakes 9×9 mm are being quoted at US$ 4,120/MT FOB Shanghai port.

Dehydrated red bell pepper 9x9 mm

Prices for dehydrated green bell pepper flakes 9×9 mm were fairly steady over the past 1 month and are now being quoted at US$3,410/MT FOB Shanghai port.

Dehydrated green bell pepper 9x9 mm

Above dried bell peppers are sugar infused in production.

Dehydrated carrot flakes 10x10x2 mm prices rises by 5%; at US$ 1,730/MT FOB Shanghai port.

Dehydrated carrot dice

The supply of dehydrated tomato flakes from China was less than expected due to limited shipments from suppliers. The local prices are at US$ 3,410/MT FOB Shanghai port for flakes 9×9 mm quality.

Dehydrated tomato flake

Dehydrated Cabbage flake 10×10 mm prices rise by 10%; at US$ 3350/MT FOB Shanghai port.

Dehydrated cabbage flake

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