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Dried Vegetabes Blend For Instant Soup

With the weather cooling down, it’s officially hot pot season in China…..

A delicious soup is the key for hot pot.

In China, instant soup market has risen by 325% since the start of the pandemic. It’s not hard to say why. Most people will agree, when they’re not feeling well, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a deliciours soup.

So, it’s no wonder consumers are reaching for canned or instant soups, to prepare themselves in the current environment. They’re easy to put together, they make you feel better and they have a long shelf-life.

Xinghua Lianfu Food develop lots of dried vegetables blend for instant soups like

  1. mix of dried carrot, dried bok choy
  2. mix of dried tomato, dried celery, dried onion, dried bell pepper
  3. mix of dried shiitake, dried chive ,dried wakame flake
  4. mix of dried leek, dried cabbage, dried carrot and dried potato


Dried vegetables blend

Our factory can provide dried vegetables blend according to your specifcations ( vegetables varities and blend rate )

We also have bulk packing like 10kg /bag or 20 kg/ bag ; and small bags packing with weights like 1g, 2g, 3g…..

If you’re looking to meet the growing demand for delicious and nutritious soups, We are there to help.



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