Dried spring onion produciton in May

Dried spring onion ( chive, welsh onion ) production in May

Dried spring onion rings are made from the fresh spring onions which are sliced into rolls and dried. It is white & green colour with a flavour typical of onion.

Our factory started production of dried spring onion(welsh onion)in the early of  May, this month.

Spring onion is a local vegetable in Xinghua city, Jiangsu province.

It is planted all over the year,  most season is from April to August. Due to its pungent flavor like onion, it is used as a flavorful herb, quite popular for snacks, soups, dumplings, dips, marinades, stuffing, and stir-fries.

China dehydrated spring onion manufacturer

Our factory have exported dehydrated vegetables and powders for over 20 years. Dehydrated spring onion also named dried chive or dried welsh onion is mostly exported to Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

Fresh material processed through multi washing, trimming, then cutting, drying, optical sorting, times of hand sorting, sieving, metal detect and X-ray. In order to supply the best to our clients without any foreign bodies.

Dehydrated spring onion roll 8x8 mm

Available sizes of dried spring onion are ring 8×8 mm, ring & flake  5×5 mm, flake 3×3 mm.

Packing: 10 kg in high density poly bag, inside paper case.

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