Dried onion chopped, Dried onion minced, Dried onion Granules, onion Powder

Size from big to small:  Chopped → Minced → Granules → Powders 

For dried onion products:

Chopped onion flakes: 3-5 mm; 8-10 mm. In our factory we use 3×3 mm / 6×6 mm / 10×10 mm for dried chopped onion flakes

Minced onion: 1-3 mm. In our factory we use 8-16 mesh or much smaller 20-40 mesh for onion minced

Onion granules: 0.2-0.5 mm. In our factory we use 40-60 mesh for it.

Onion powders: 80-120 mesh, we most take 100 mesh for onion powder.

All the dried onion products are packed 20 kg net weight per case.

Contact us if any interest, thank you.

Dried onion products

Dried onion granules

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