Dried sweet potato

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Products

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Sweet potato have many types. It is planted all over China. Color like orange, purple, white…

sweet potato types color

Dehydrated sweet potato is one of our popular items. It can be made into flakes, cubes, slice, strips, granules and powders…
Cubes: 10*10 mm or 6*6 mm
Powders: 80-100 mesh

Dehydrated sweet potato

Sweet potato also can be made for food and pet industry ( snacks, chew foods for dogs )

Sweet potato slice

sweet potato strip

Normally dehydrated sweet potato cube is of orange color( https://silva-intl.com/products/sweet-potatoes);
we add purple in front for purple sweet potato ( https://silva-intl.com/products/sweet-potatoes-1 )

When you are looking for sweet potato powder, it is necessary to confirm the color. Most are light orange; some powders are of gray white color like the following:

sweet potato powder

And we need to mention the powders size, color of 60 mesh is some deeper orange than of 80 or 100 mesh.

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