Fresh carrot

New season for dehydrated carrot

Fresh carrot materias

Our factory XingHua Lianfu Food is one of the largest manufacturer of dehydrated carrots in China.

How to dehydrate carrots?

Below is the main flow chart of our bulk dried carrot production.

Fresh carrots material are washed, trimmed, cut, blanched, air dried, sorted, sieved, metal detected, then packed in strong corrugated cartons, inner with double poly bags.



dehydrate carrot flow chart by XingHua Lianfu Food

Available size of dried carrots

Our available size of dried carrots: cross cuts ( slices ) , strips, dices,  granules, powder etc.

Dehydrated carrots available sizes

We supply over 5000 metric tons of dried carrot products annually including carrot powder.

Grades of dried carrots

There are various grades of dried carrots:

♦ 1st grade dried carrots are almost pure bright orange color without foreign bodies ( processed with hand sorting)

Organic dehydrated carrots available.

♦ 2nd grade dried carrots with some green color part of carrot ( processd with optical soring )

♦ Pet food dried carrots with bulk green color part of carrots ( normally it is not optical sorted ). Dehydrated carrots provide all the beneficial nutrients for  dogs digestive system.

Of course, price of 1st grade is higher than of 2nd grade and pet food grade.

Packing & storage 

Store at cool & dry place, shelf life can be as long as 24 months.

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