Fresh carrot material
Dehydrated carrot
Dehydrated carrot from Xinghua LianFu Food
Dehydrated carrot

Dehydrated carrots provide daily nutritions

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Dehydrated carrots including flakes, granuels, slice, shred and powders

Natural, Gluten Free Allergen Free, Non-GMO

GMO free

Carrot is not genetic engineering and the ingredients are not derived from GMO.

Natrual plant
100% Natural

Dehydrated carrots are made of 100% fresh carrot ingredients.

Allergen free
Allergen Free

Our dehydrated carrots are free of allergens.

2 +

2-3 containers shipment everyday

50 +

Export to over 50 countries

6000 +

Produce over 6000 metric tons annnually

Our certifcates

Brands with us

Don’t just take our word for it


We buy a lot of dried carrots from Lianfu every month. The carrot is perfect for our instant soups, quality is the best with fresh flavor and color.


I know Lianfu from an exhibtion in Shanghai 2018, the factory is big and their products make me awesome satisfied.


I get their dried carrots ( not only carrot flakes ), as well as carrot powder for my nutrition business. The ingredients are pure and 100% natural.

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