Beetroot powder

Beetroot Powder Description And Benefits

What Is Beetroot Powder?

Beetroot powder, also called beet powder, is a similarly bright pink or red product made from dried, ground beets.

These beets are dehydrated and then ground into a fine powder.

Retaining all the protective nutrients of ripe beets, this powder is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and nitrate.

There are no additives. Beet powder has a number of health benefits and is hailed as a super food and sold by natural food retailers.

Beet root is a dark red vegetable that provides a wide range of nutrients and antioxidants. It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins and dietary fibre.

Red beet powder can be used in gravies, sauces, soups, smoothies, salad dressing, yogurt dipsor to provide color in any recipe.

Beetroot powder benefits

beetroot powder benefits

Organic beet powder is a good source of calcium and iron, high in potassium and folate.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, beet juice and powder also contain nitrates. Nitrates are a naturally-occurring substance found in beets. Dietary nitrate helps improve vascular function or healthy blood flow.

Beet powder is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are essential in reducing oxidative stress which is linked to development of cancer and heart conditions.

High source of dietary fiber: our red beet powder is almost completely soluble in water – Making it tastier, smoother and more versatile to use.

Beetroot is not only packed with essential nutrients, but it is also high in fiber


How to use beetroot powder

Beetroot powder is easy to include in your diet because the flavor isn’t overpowering and it gives foods a slightly sweet taste. Here are just a few ideas for boosting your diet with beet powder benefits.

♦  Smoothies
♦  Pancakes
♦  Muffins
♦ Hummus
♦  Soups
♦  Salad dressing
♦  Yogurt dips

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